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Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems

@The system consists of sensors (heat detector, smoke detector, etc.), manually operated call points and fire signal distinction/alarm unit. We deal with the system of CONSILIUM, Sweden and other brands.

Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems Fire Detection Detectors

Portable Gas Detectors

@Various types of portable equipments are available to detect and/or measure density of flammable/toxic gases and/or oxygen depends on purposes and statutory/optional requirements.

GX-8000(LEL)(Flammable Gas Detector with measurement in %LEL)

GX-8000(Type A) (Multiple Gas Detector for HC or CH4, O2, H2S, CO)

  • Suction by built-in pump. Compact and light weight with simple configuration.
  • Large display (LCD) with auto back-lighting.
  • Intrinsically Safe ATEX Exia II CT4, IECEx and MED approved.
  • Optional extension hose available for detecting gases in tanks.
  • Detection from high density (Vol.%) to low density (%LEL) (Type A).
  • Sensing with thermal-conduct method enables precise detection of HC or CH4 in inerted atmosphere (Type A).

Portable HC Gas DetectorFGX-8000

OX-07 (for detection of O2)

  • Monitoring O2 Density from a distant place with a remote cable. (Max.30m)
  • Intrinsically Safe Construction.
  • Large Digital Screen for easy reading.
  • Shockproof Rubber Protector as a standard accessory.

Portable O2 Gas DetectorFOX-07 Portable O2 Gas DetectorFOX-07

GX-2009 Personal Gas Monitor (for detection of HC, O2, CO and H2S)

  • Very compact and light weight
  • Responding to all range of the applicable gases
  • Suction-pump unit is available as an option
Portable Multi Gas MonitorFGX-2009

Portable Gas Detaction list
Spec GX-8000 (TYPE LEL) GX-8000iTYPE Aj OX-07
Mesurable Gas General Combustible Gases General Combustible Gases(HC)(CH4)(H2)AOxygen(O2)AHydrogen Sulfide(H2S)A
Carbon Monoxide(CO)
Oxygen(O2) in Air
Measuring Range 0`100LEL Combustible 0`100LEL^0`100 vol(Auto Range)AO2(0`25vol%) 0`40 vol
Accuracy Less than }5 Combustible (Less than }5)AO2(Less than }0.7 vol%)A
H2S(Less than }1.5 ppm)A
CO(Less than }15 ppm)
}0.7 vol%
Alarm Method 1st / 10 LELA
2nd / 50% LELA
OVER / 100% LEL
Combustible 1st / 10 LELA
2nd / 50% LELAOVER / 100% LELA
O2 18VOL%A
H2S 1st / 5ppmACO 1st / 25ppm
L:18.0vol% / L:18.0 vol% / Over:40.0 vol%
Ambient Temperature -20`{50 / below 95%RH -20`{50 / below 95%RH
Dimension Approx. 154(W)~81(H)~127(D)mm Approx. 66(W)~114(H)~33(D)mm
Power Source Alkaline dry cells (Size AA) 3pcs. Alkaline dry cells (Size AA) 2pcs.
Case Dust and Water-proof Structure(IP67) @
Explosion-proof structure Intrinsically safe structure ExiaUCT4 Intrinsically safe structure ExiaUCT3

Spec GX-2009
Detection principle Galvanic cell Catalytic combustion Electro-chemical cell Electro-chemical cell
Mesurable Gas Oxygen(O2) All combustible gases (CH4,HC) Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Measuring Range 0`25vol 0`100 LEL 0`30ppm 0`150ppm
Accuracy }0.7% }10 LEL }1.5ppm }10ppm
Alarm Method Low Alarm@18vol% 1st 10% LEL 1st 5ppm 1st 10ppm
High Alarm 25vol% 2nd 50% LEL 2nd 30ppm 2nd 50ppm
Over Alarm 40vol% OVER 100% LEL TWA 10.0ppm TWA 25ppm
@ @ STEL 15.0ppm STEL 200ppm
@ @ OVER 100.0ppm OVER 500ppm
Ambient Temperature |20`{49 / below 85RH (No dewing)
Dimension Approx. 76(W)~69(H)~26(D)mm (Excluding protruded part)
Power Source Ni-MH Battery
Case Rubber Coated polycarbonate, RF Shielded, Dust and Water Resistant to IP-67
Safety/ Regulatory ATEX U1GEx ia UC T4 / IECEx Zone0 Ex ia UC T4 / CSA classified, "C/US", as Intrinsically Safe. Exia. Class i, Groups A,B,C,and D. Class i, Zone 0, Group UC. Temperature Code T3C

Fire Extinguishers

@A large-scale fire extinguisher is set up in the vicinity of the fire prevention object for which the organization room is specified and the wagon deck as a major application based on various rules of SOLAS, Law for Safety of Vessels, and the classification rule, etc.

Portable Foam ApplicatorFHFN-250S Fixed Dry Chemical Fire ExtinguisherFSDP-100 Wheel Type Dry Chemical Fire ExtinguisherFPP-55M