N2 Supply System for Cargo Tank

N2 Supply System for Cargo Tank

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@Atmosphere inside cargo tanks of chemical tankers are required to be kept dry and clean with inert gas in order to carry high quality and/or special cargoes.

Bottled Nitrogen Gas Supply System is installed for the purpose to automatically or manually replenish Nitrogen gas to cargo tanks in case Nitrogen gas supplied for padding or blanketing has been lost during navigation, or to supply Nitrogen gas for stripping remaining cargo in cargo piping or pumps.

2. Features

  • The Nitrogen Gas Supply System has a precise pressure reducing device that rests the ship assured to maintain her cargo tanks at stable pressure.
  • As a standard, the system is designed to be equipped with Japanese Nitrogen gas bottles. However, adopters for connection to foreign gas bottles will be available.
  • Cargo tank pressure can be checked on deck with a portable tank pressure monitoring device
  • O2 contents in cargo tanks can be measured on deck with a portable Oxygen meter with non-leak function.
Nitrogen Cylinder with ManifoldSituation of Low Pressure Regulator UnitSituation of Low Pressure Regulator Unit
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