Fire Protection & Fire Fighting

Carbon Dioxide Fire-extinguish System

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1. Outline

Carbon Dioxide Fire-extinguish System is to be installed for extinguishing fire in cargo compressor rooms on liquefied gas carriers, in cargo pump rooms on tankers and in engine rooms and general cargo spaces on various ships. Products of our original brand developed with Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation. All the parts are of Japanese-made including those manufactured by ourselves.

2. Features

Carbon dioxide gas discharged dilutes oxygen content around the area and absorbs heat in flame.

  • No wet damage occurs to the area after fire-fighting.
  • As specific gravity is greater, it veils surface of substances in fire, particularly liquid.
  • As it can be stored with liquid state in bottles, smaller storage space is required considering greater volume of spaces to be protected
  • Immediately actuated without other power sources.
  • Carbon dioxide gas discharged diffuses into every opening space in the area for effective fire-extinction.
  • Upon Carbon Dioxide being discharged, ambient air in the space is rapidly cooled due to adiabatic expansion and it helps fire-extinction.
  • Carbon dioxide is not frozen even at very cold geographical areas and it can be used for effective fire-extinction.
  • Remote and/or automatic activation can be easily arranged.
Carbon Dioxide Fire-extinguish System : Selection Valve@Carbon Dioxide Fire-extinguish System : Actuator Box
Carbon Dioxide Fire-extinguish System : CO2 Cylinder CeritificateCarbon Dioxide Fire-extinguish System : CO2Cylinder with rack unit Carbon Dioxide Fire-extinguish System : Situation of CO2 roomJGNKBVKRABS