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Welcome to Pro Tech Co., Ltd. !

In May 2017, we, Pro Tech Co., Ltd. celebrated the 20ty anniversary of establishment of the company.

gProtectionh and gPro-Technologyh, being originated in the name of the company, are our 2 principal themes for our business. We have devotedly poured various technologies into engineering activities on Fire Protection & Fire Fighting including Atmospheric Control, which we are specialized in, so as to certainly and rightly respond to the customersf demands.

PSA-Type Nitrogen Gas Generating Equipment has been one of our core business activities. The equipments for three (3) categories, i.e. gLarge Chemical Carrierh, gSmall Chemical Carrierh and gLPG Carrierh, have been lined up as the fruits of our continuous efforts for technological development taking requirements and suggestions of our valuable customers into consideration.

@gWhat is necessary and What is required to keep pace with and be in advance of the times !?h We shall respond to it with our knowledge and technology supported by our valuable customers and their experiences.

We continue to develop fine innovated products and equipments with efforts and ambition, highly appreciating support and cooperation of our valuable customers.

Company Profile

Trade name Pro Tech Co., Ltd.
Address 1-6, Taisho-Cho 6-Chome Imabari-City, Ehime Pref.794-0025 Japan
Phone +81 (898) 23 2051
FAX +81 (898) 23 2078
Establishment June 17,1997@
Ambassador (President)@Hiroshi Nagayoshi@