PSA type Nitrogen Gas Generating Equipment

PSA type Nitrogen Gas Generating Equipment

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1. Outline

@Gas tankers and chemical tankers are required to keep cargo tanks nonflammable condition at all times. In case there is not enough cargo pressure in cargo tanks, Nitrogen gas is delivered there (Inerting). In addition, extremely clean, dry and high purity of Nitrogen gas is utilized for padding, topping-up, cargo displacing and gas purging operation as well as corrosion prevention.

@As a fruit of long years of research, development and improvement with Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, we have succeeded in production of compact and electric power saving PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Type Nitrogen Gas Generating Equipments. Their line-up could meet requirements and demands for a wide range of capacity from small to large and purity from lower to very high.

2.Advanced Features

  • A large flow control at low N2 purity (95vol%) is available.
  • Multi-step preset N2 purity (flow) control is available.
  • Remote and automatic control of N2 delivery in each preset mode from a large flow (purity 95vol%) to high purity (smaller flow) are available (particularly for chemical tankers).
  • Air compressor of relatively lower pressure (0.86 MPa) enhances safety and reduces working load to the associated machineries and devices
  • Raw material air is strictly treated so as to produce feed air of low dew point (dry air) and free of particles of oil and impurities.
  • The adsorbents are processed with peculiar technique to form a certain shape of granule and then filled in to adsorption towers with unique method to prevent it being smashed or deformed during long-life operation.
  • PSA Units are maintenance free. No regular replacement of spare parts is required except air filter elements.
  • Highly efficient and compact equipment requires less electric power and less installation space resulting in superior cost performance.
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