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Deck Dry Chemical Powder Fire-extinguish System

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1. Outline

 Deck Dry Chemical Powder Fire-extinguish System to be installed for extinguishing fire on deck including cargo manifold on liquefied gas carriers as regulated by SOLAS, IGC Code and etc. The systems of our original brand are approved by ClassNK.

甲板粉末消火設備証明書 ABC粉末薬剤証明書

2. Features

  • Dry Chemical Powder is discharged by pressure of nitrogen gas stored in bottles without other power source.
  • The system is remotely activated from navigation bridge.
  • Fire-fighting operation can be performed with both monitor nozzles and hand hoses concurrently.
  • Shock-absorbers are fitted on hand hose storing boxes to prevent unnecessary load worked on hand hoses laid down during cargo operation.
  • Dry Chemical Powder is not electrically conductive and therefore it can be used to electric equipment
  • Stable discharging performance even in cold ambient temperature.
  • Mixture of particles of dry chemical powder and nitrogen gas are discharged and it gets into every opening space in the area for effective fire-extinction.
  • Immediate fire-extinction is expected by chemical reaction in an instant.
Main specifications
Monitor Model   D-65 
Discharge Capacity 10kg/sec 
Max distance of Range 10m 
Hose Gun Model   DPG-3.5 
Discharge Capacity 3.5kg/sec 
Max distance of Range   33m 
Hose Diameter   φ25mm 
Dry Chemical Powder Model    ABC Dry Chemical Powder for Ship Use
Deck Dry Chemical Powder Fire-extinguish System:Tank UnitDeck Dry Chemical Powder Fire-extinguish System:Cylinder RackDeck Dry Chemical Powder Fire-extinguish System:Powder MonitorDeck Dry Chemical Powder Fire-extinguish System:monitor nozzle true emission testDeck Dry Chemical Powder Fire-extinguish System:figure of system Piping and Instrument DiagramJG NK BV KRABS