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Deck Foam Fire-extinguish System (low-expansion foam)

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1. Outline

Deck Foam Fire-extinguish System is to be installed for extinguishing fire on deck on chemical, product and oil tankers with low-expansion foam as regulated by SOLAS, IBC Code and/or etc.. The system is actuated locally and manually. Regular protein type of expansion foam is used except chemical tankers who carry liquid cargo with a flashpoint of 61 deg.C. or less for which the foam of alcohol resistant type is used. There are two types of systems for mixing foam concentrate and pressurized water. One is called as gPump Proportionalh type that has an exclusive pump to deliver foam concentrate to a mixing appliance. Another one is call as gTank Proportionalh type that have pump for delivery of foam concentrate but pressurized water is delivered to a foam concentrate tank for mixture.

Foam Monitor Nozzele Deck Foam System : Propotioner

2. Features

  • Foam discharged veils flammable liquid. It suppresses oxygen contact, flammable gas generation. Vaporization of water in the foam has effect of cooling the area and helps fire-extinction.
  • The foam is harmless to human bodies and easily handled.
Deck Foam System : Foam Hose BoxDeck Foam System : Foam Liquid Tank(Tank proportiner)Deck Foam System : Foam Liquid Tank(Pump proportiner)Deck Foam System : Piping and instrument diagramPiping and Instrument DiagramJGNKBVKR@DNV