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Mechanism of N2 Production(Multiple PSA)

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@The principle of Nitrogen Gas Generation in PSA Type Nitrogen Gas Generating Equipment is to separate Nitrogen molecules from compressed atmospheric air by means of utilizing the character of the adsorbents (Molecular Sieving Carbon) which adsorb other molecules such as Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide faster than Nitrogen molecules. Countless adsorbents in the shape of a fine granule are filled in adsorption towers and a pair of adsorption towers forms 1 PSA Unit.

@In case of Twin PSA Units (having 2 pairs of adsorption towers), 4 basic processes as shown below are taken in a cycle. In each process, while two of the four adsorption towers are adsorbing Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide molecules in compressed feed air, another two adsorption towers are detaching and discharging accumulated adsorbed molecules for cleaning and restoration of the adsorbents. Thus, the adsorbents are repeatedly cleaned at regular interval and their performance characteristic is kept sound for long-life operation.